scheduled jobs not send email

  • Hi

    I am a rookie, I have installed omv 5.6.16-1, for iso, I am configuring scheduled jobs but never send email notifications, I have configured emails and tested emails properly. How do I fix it?

    However, on SSH, run

    /var/lib/openmediavault/cron.d/userdefined-4f671c42-d952-46fb-a795-b0cc5484a580 2>&1 | mail -E -s "Cron - testtttttttttt" -a "From: Cron Daemon <root>" root >/dev/null 2>&1

    i can receive emails


  • I can confirm that the email is submitted when the job is executed by cron. If you run it from the UI, no email is send. That makes sense because the output is shown in the UI, so there is no need to send an email.

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