Autoshutdown Plugin - Ping check

  • No, sadly not. Or something isn't working correctly.

    For my understanding the IP Range is only used to check for the services/Ports listed below.

    Check IP x.x.x.x if Port xxx is used.

    Because if there is no active access on any of the listed Ports, the Server is is shutting down.

    eg. was turned on (no Stndby or something) but Server was shutting down anyways.

    I'm opern for any idea which can solve my request, must not with use of the plugin (would be nice, but must not).

  • @vcdwelt you description of how this work is incorrect:

    IP Range: Is just a simple ping check to check if a host is online. It does not require a port to work.

    Sockets: This check for connection to the OMV server via ports i.e. is the web OMV GUI open on a system (port 80 or 443) it does not require an IP but will state the client address that is connected.

    I tested the script and I think the IP Range check is functional, however there are a a few think to check. Dose the host expect a ping (ICMP packets) respond to them or could this have been disabled? As this is a requirement to get the IP Range to work. Secondly is the scrip running the ping test correctly, you need to check the autoshutdown logs, check both the config was expected (at the start of a script run) and check the output of the IP Range check (its the first check run so it should be easy to see).

    If you cannot see anything up post a verbose log (you need to turn this on in the GUI) and send your config. Note: I need just a fragment of the log with the config section and a couple of run of the ip range check. and i see if i can reproduce the problem.

  • nrand Thanks a lot for pointing this out.

    I feel ashamed, Upgraded my PC from Win 10 to Win 11 and forgot to allow the ICMP in Windows Firewall =O

    Now i enabled the icmp and i will test again.

    Thank you very very much!!!

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