Error 0x8007045D

  • I've got a new error now within the shared network folder:


    This error occurred after everything was seemingly set up correctly. I logged into the shared folder via root, instead of as a pi user, and proceeded to try to upload a file that was about 30GB. After the file was uploaded, none of the subfolders within the shared folder were visible, and upon trying to recreate them, I got the above error. There is another file (also about 30GB) that I'm attempting to upload currently, and it seems to be uploading fine, but unfortunately, it's uploading to nowhere, as the shared folder no longer has any subfolders. I've looked online for help with this, but all of the suggestions I've been able to find involve you having access to the contents of the directory, or at least that the directory is not a network-accessible one.

    Any help here would be very appreciated.


    Raspberry Pi 4

    2TB USB hard drive


    OMV (Skipped Network since I don't have an ethernet cable to help set up)


    This is a result of me trying some different things to my previous post: RE: Cannot reset permissions

    That post still applies, I haven't figured out how to get permissions to stick, other than logging in as root.

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