[How-To] Install DuckDNS. Automatic dynamic IP update.

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    DuckDNS installation on docker. This will allow the automatic update of your IP.

    DuckDNS is a free service which will point a DNS (sub domains of duckdns.org) to an IP of your choice. The service is completely free, and doesn't require reactivation or forum posts to maintain its existence.

    The architectures supported by this image are: x86-64, arm64, and armhf.

    Through this installation you will have a subdomain pointing to your server that renews the IP every 5 minutes. You can use this subdomain in any other docker or service that you install on your server.

    Update: You can do this via a simple command in the OMV GUI scheduled tasks without the need for a container. Here you have the procedure. https://wiki.omv-extras.org/do…th_duckdns_fix_dynamic_ip

    1. DuckDNS registration

    2. Install DuckDNS on Docker

    • Comment 1: Adjust it to your location.
    • Comment 2: Include here the subdomains that you want to use on your server and that you registered with DuckDNS. Separate them with a comma.
    • Comment 3: The token is the code that refers to your subdomain, you must copy it from DuckDNS when you register.
    • Run the stack, this will download the necessary images and start the container.
    • You should already have the subdomains pointing to your server. You can check it on the DuckDNS page, the subdomains should now have your IP.

    3. More information

    I hope it helps !!

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