Can't Remove openmediavault-nut (OMV6) / Update File System Settings

  • I'm trying to remove the NUT plugin since it won't recognize my battery backup, but I'm running into errors when trying to uninstall. I get a similar error (too many errors) when trying to do something simple like update the file system Usage Warning Threshold or add a comment to a file system.

    I'm running OMV 6.0-32 on an Intel i5-3470

    When I run systemctl status monit.service

    Is there a way to get past these errors so that I can update my system again? (Especially remove the NUT plugin since my backup isn't compatible).

  • I've no idea where has created the /etc/monit/conf.d/ file, but this is not done by OMV. Delete all files with the ending .save and you should be fine.

    # rm /etc/monit/conf.d/*

    Before deleting, please post the content of the file by running

    # cat /etc/monit/conf.d/
  • Hmmm...interesting, it looks almost the same as the non .save file but with some extra stuff at the end that looks like bad syntax. Not sure how it happened either. If I modify a file I'll backup it up first but name it .bak or .old. I only have OMV + OMV Extras, Plex, Portainer, and a couple of Dockers installed. Pretty simple setup.

  • sivartk

    Added the Label resolved

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