where is the flash plugin

  • Hi all

    first of all sorry for my errors in typing..

    english is not my native language.. pardon for the errors..

    i have a question regarding my setup


    6 gb ram

    pentium dual core e5200 cpu

    4x sata 120 Gb drives (SSD)

    as harddrive i am using usb stick sandisk cruze.

    and its fit in a small housing with two fans one is psu one for cpu.

    i wanted this setup due for silencing the Nas..

    installed version 56201

    used updates

    but i can not find the flashplugin

    i want it for my usb and ssd disks.. is this pluging removed or am i missing something?

    i do remember that i noticed this plugin some time ago in a version of OMV ?

    greetings from the Dutch Noob :P

  • finaly after a ziljon installs and reboots.. the server is running.

    i installed the omv and i see the icon (flashlightningicon) showing on the left side... i hope i did it alright.

    folowed the texts and changed the nano /etc/fstab

    i rebooted and it seems to be working ok...

    is there a way to test or see if i executed everything ok?

    i do not see that the flash pluging is actualy working

    thank for the help :thumbup:

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