A Quickie Question about using Mac's Time Machine with OMV

  • OMV: 6.0.5-1

    macOS Big Sur Version 11.6

    Hi, I've got OMV set up and playing really nice with this Windows machine via SMB (thanks to some help here).

    My next step is to get my wife's Mac's Time Machine and OMV to play nice with each other. But there seem to be a lot of posts about unresolved difficulties making this happen.

    I read in the OMV documentation at https://openmediavault.readthe…l?highlight=machine#samba that Time Machine support is not available. That doc appears to be about OMV 5, and I'm running OMV 6. Has anything changed in OMV 6 that allows for Time Machine?

    Thank you!

  • chente

    Added the Label OMV 6.x (RC1)
  • It works like a charm for me, I set up a dedicated user with a quota and ticked the Time Machine support box, now backing up an iMac and a MacBook Pro alternatively to a Time Capsule and 0MV6.

    Time Machine is supported in both OMV5 and OMV6, although I didn't use it in 5 so I can't comment on how well it worked. The documentation however is a good guide for OMV6.

    Good luck.

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