Two separate snapraid arrays - possible?

  • Hi,

    I have been using snapraid + mergerfs for a while and it is lovely. However, I have found out that I think that I need a second array consisting of 3x500GB SSDs. At the moment I'm running a 3x8TB snapraid for larger files and media. However, my thought is to have my photos backed up on the SSD array but also use the share on the array as a "work in progress"-folder, which should act as storage no matter if I sit at my laptop or my main rig, I should use the same storage point.

    I've read somewhere that OMV:s graphical interface can't create/handle two different arrays due to naming of the config files, is this true? If so, is there a way round it that works?

    Instead of creating a new array, should it be viable to add 2x500GB SSD:s to the existing array and create a mergerfs folder pointing to the 2 SSD:s?

    Which way should be the most sufficient and sensible in this case?

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  • is this true? If so, is there a way round it that works?

    The plugin does not support multiple pools. You can create a second snapraid config file and run the commands manually against that config file.

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  • I see, thank you for your answer.

    Just an idea that hit me (and a realization that I might not have thought this through properly); what if I add a 1TB SSD to my existing pool but leave it out of the mergerfs pool? Wouldn't I be able to take advantage of the parity disc and still being within the, in my case, 4 discs on 1 parity disc range and still using it as intended above?

    I could, just so I don't need to sync too often, have another 1TB SSD in my off-site backup server which this disc backups to via syncthing. If I'm not mistaken I should avoid bitrot thanks to snapraid but still have every change backed up immediately.

    Is this reasoning any good or bollocks?

    (Just a side question; i read somewhere that one should not mix GUI and cli when using snapraid in OMV. I built the snapraid array via GUI but run the sync and scrub manually via cli. I can't see that it should be wrong doing that or am I a complete moron?)

  • Mergers and snapraid are two completely independent systems. I don't see a problem with doing that.

    Sounds very promising! That'll also save me some money on the investment. 1x1TB instead of 3x500GB. :)

    Thank you all for your help!

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