Housekeeping? Mount vanished for a while, then came back

  • This morning I went to check my backup HDD which is mounted to /media/myfolder and it was empty. I ssh'd to the OMV host computer and checked /dev/sda1 (its former path) and it was empty, too. Hmm, though I, is there a problem with the drive? I went to get a cup of coffee and stared at the screen and considered plugging the drive into another computer to check. I went to the OMV Dashboard and it reported the drive as "Good." So I ran fdisk -l and suddenly the drive was there! and it was there under /media/myfolder and /dev/sda1 .

    I'm puzzled by this behavior. Is there some kind of housekeeping that OMV does that unmounts then re-mounts external USB drives?

    Thank you.

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