Lurking mystery, for me

  • Hello,

    While getting my elementary home file server, back up and running with the help of several knowledgable members, I found 2 different server names listed in omv5. I had previously noted them and probably accidentally created them while working with my Windows computer file manager. Both names seem to show the same structure and files. How does one go about deleting one and is it sensible to do so?

  • what do you mean with "2 diffrent server names"?

    My answer heaviy depends on thos?

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  • Hello again,

    I found that my hostname with different capiitalized letters and ending in .Local and the same name all in Capitals without the local both are both accessible via ping. Both show up as available from Windows, and in omv report log under the hostname section it show two identical names. IIRC and I may be misremembering, the log showed two under hostname with different capitallizations.

    Again it is a large mystery to me. Basically it seems that omv may be treating differently spelled names as my hostname. On a terminal on the server it shows up as the first example mentioned without the .local.

    Hate to be this confusing.........

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