Multiple 'autoshutdown' processes after a few suspend-cycles

  • I'm using autoshutdown plugin to turn my server to suspend when not needed.
    After a few suspend cycles multiple processes of autoshutdown are running.

    root@server:~# ps -e | grep autoshutdown
    20972 ? 00:00:00
    21204 ? 00:00:00
    21382 ? 00:00:00
    21489 ? 00:00:00
    28899 ? 00:00:00
    29061 ? 00:00:00
    29159 ? 00:00:00

    And it's getting more with every cycle.
    It's also happened that the server go to suspend directly after it starts.

    The autoshutdown log is not realy helpful because all autoshutdowns sending there status masseges to the (now nearly 200 pages long) log.
    The syslog shows only normal autoshutdown masseges:

    Mar 19 19:02:39 - : autoshutdown [21474]: INFO: autoshutdown-script restart from /etc/pm/power.d/autoshutdown-restart
    Mar 19 19:02:39 /etc/init.d/autoshutdown: autoshutdown restarting ...
    Mar 19 19:02:39 /etc/init.d/autoshutdown: Try to stop: There seems to be no running process of autoshutdown: /usr/local/bin/
    Mar 19 19:02:39 /etc/init.d/autoshutdown: autoshutdown starting ...

    So, I think it can't stop the old, running processes of autoshutdown at the system start.
    How to fix?


  • You are using the latest OMV (0.5.40) and the latest version of the autoshutdown-plugin? Did you restart after upgrading last time? There was a bug in autoshutdown a while ago, just with this behaviour. Please upgrade, restart and let me know, if it is happening again. Thx

  • No luck!
    This patch didn't fix my problem.
    Still multiple running autoshutdown processes:

    root@server:~# ps -e | grep autoshutdown
    27611 ? 00:00:00
    27854 ? 00:00:00
    31829 ? 00:00:00
    32072 ? 00:00:00
    32256 ? 00:00:00
    32363 ? 00:00:00

    When the server go to suspend the syslog show this:

    So, there are a few starts and restarts but no sucsessful stop of ASD.
    Any idea?


  • Oh, ...

    ... I just renamed the old script in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ and dont't removed it.
    After a little 'pm-utils' study I know that all scripts in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ wil executed.
    My fault - forget my last post!

    I have modified the /etc/pm/sleep.d/autoshutdown-restart a little more and will test if ASD will working correct now.


  • I have found the problem causes the multiple autoshutdown processes.

    After every wake up the script autoshutdown-restart in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ and /etc/pm/power.d/ try to restart ASD.
    The script in /etc/pm/power.d/ was the second one and can't find the old process for stopping it, so it just starts a new ASD process.

    My solution:
    1. I have removed /etc/pm/power.d/autoshutdown-restart
    2. I modified the /etc/pm/sleep.d/autoshutdown-restart to this:

    My server had e few suspend cycles over the weekend and it looks like the problem is solved.
    Maybe some other can check/test and confirm this solution.


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