Issue with OMV 5. 6. and TimeMachine Raspberry4

  • Hello good Morning,

    first i want to explain my configuration.

    - Macbook Pro 13" and 15" both from 2015 running on catalina stable

    - Raspberry 4 with first try OMV5 and now upgrade to OMV6

    Before i used single HDD with USB3.0 using time machine on each Mac works fine

    Now i setting on the raspbarry a SMB / Share with TimeMachine support

    The initial backup works fine but the further did not start again with the following messages

    --> Die identität des Backup-Volumes hat sich seit dem letzten Backup geändert...."

    I try to mount (doubleclick) on the sparsebundle but the access was denied.. volume not recognizes

    I try again with a fresh sparsebundle create with mac HDD tool

    Mounting (doubleclick) and unmounting from desktop is possible several times without problems

    But if i copy this sparsebundle to SMB Share(OMV) is it not possible to mount is with doublelclick

    --> image not recognized

    and further if i want to delete that sparsebundle file from SMB Share it is also not possible (access denied / Zugriffsrechte)

    before i post any log files is there some hints what i can check?

    At this point i have no other ideas what i can do..

    I can also post some pictures or videos of the issue

    thanks in advance and greetings from Germany.


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