Plex - Problem with HD HomeRun ConnectDuo

  • I have a docker based PLEX installation (image: plexinc / pms-docker: plexpass).

    After the last update the connected DVR, despite being correctly configured, does not work.

    In fact, when I try to view any of the configured channels (Italian TV) the system always replies with:

    Playback error

    The resource is not available.

    Through the console I get the attached log consolleLOG.txt

    The DVR works quietly when launched with its program in Windows 10.

    Can someone help me?



    Admin and webmaster of

  • You better get support by the image creator. The errors you show relate to transcoding, if my italian is good enough.

    If you got help in the forum and want to give something back to the project click here (omv) or here (scroll down) (plugins) and write up your solution for others.

  • Hi Zoki and thanks for your reply.

    It seems that the problem only affects the web version of Plex.

    All this does not happen by starting LiveTV from the mobile app or the Windows 10 app.

    I believe that all of this is caused by the restrictions present in new browsers :rolleyes:


    Admin and webmaster of

  • shecky66

    Added the Label resolved

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