Autoshutdown and usb-backup

  • Hi,

    i use the Autoshutdown plugin, normally the NAS turns down at 10pm. But some evenings I make a backup via usb-backup.

    However, the NAS then shuts down while the backup is still running

    How can I prevent this ?

    Thanks !

  • trafki i think this is best done with a autoshutdown plugin, something like this:

    This will need placing in '/etc/autoshutdown.d/' and call it 'openmediavault-usbbackup'. you will most lightly what to disable the examples in the same directory being: 'autounrarstatus, clamav', to disable them simple edit the files and set enabled='false'. Make sure it the Autoshutdown plugin GUI you enable 'users defined plugins'.

    Hopefully that should do it. Let me know if it work for you. Note the filename Regex is a bit of a guess as i had to make it up from reading the code so it may need a teak.

    Let me know if it work and if it does i will include it autoshutdown plugin directly.

    Hope this help

  • I had the same issue, the thin guide really helps.

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