• I noticed when I accessed my OMV server with a GUI (Windows 10) a share I did not create showed up. Its name is "homes". A strange name so I did some research. I suspected this was a samba config file entry. So I checked out the smb.conf and sure enough the home directory is named homes in the conf file. So now I have to ask if this is intentional or an error in the conf file. If intentional, what is the homes share used for?


  • I did enable the home directory for users. Then created the "home" directory and assigned it to CIF/SMB service as a share. Which is probably causing he problem. As a Linux user I am used to setting up my users file structures with the directory "home" at the root. And most Samba config files I have seen use home not homes. So I was just curious. Not a major issue I can just change the name in the smb..conf file and things should be fine.

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