Raspberry Pi OMV 5 Nightly Disconnection Issue Help!!

  • Hi,

    I am running OMV 5.6.24-1 on Raspberry Pi 4 2gb. It's been set up and running for months without issue. It has a 12tb disk mounted and runs an rsync server. My Synology backs up to OMV on a nightly basis via the rsync server.

    As of the last 1/2 weeks the OMV server keeps going offline, generally once a night. It is not accessible via the ip on a web browser, the synology cannot connect to it via the rsync back up and i cannot ssh to it.

    Interestingly it is still able to send out update notifications via the gmail smtp server i have set up.

    The only way i can recover the server is to plug the power supply, which obviously is not good on an RPI.

    Can any recommend a resolution for my issue or how i can best debug it?

    I vaguely know my way round linux, but not for any specific OMV configuration.

    Thanks in advance!

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