Cannot install OMV 6.0 on a system which contains an LSI megaraid controller (SAS 2108)

  • Hi all,

    I installed omv 6.0 on my older HW containing a really old 3ware RAID controller with success and used it for a couple of months..

    However, now I am receiving a message that the arrays can't be built properly and the system stucks during booting...I am pretty sure: The conroller has screwed up...

    Yesterday a purchased an used Fujitsu D2616 megaraid controller SAS 2108 (which is built by LSI megaraid) for a little money, it is recognized by the board and I can open up its web tool for configuration oif the arrays (ALL HDDs are on the controller, NO HDD on mainboard!).. I decided to start a new/clean install!

    When I start with a new/clean install of OMV 6.0 I run screen by screen til I get the information that I need an addtl. driver. A dropdown comes up. Sliding down to "m" there are three entries which are supposed to be used by a megaraid system..

    BUT NO selection of an entry allows to proceed with the installation. It stops there.. So the board recognizes the LSI/Fujitsu controller card but OMV does NOT?

    Can anybody help me? Any idea what to do?

    Gruss, Heinz

    OMV 2.1
    Fujitsu-Siemens P5915 (Motherboard D2151-A21), Intel C2D E6600, 4,0 GB DDR RAM, 3Ware RAID controller on PCI slot, up to 6 HDDs in total can be installed due to case changes (currently 2x1tb in RAID1 mode on the board as "holy backup" share & 2x1tb as regular share on 3Ware, one 2tb as storage for two easyVDRs & one 320gb for OMV and ownCloud share), power consumption about 100 Watts (this is OK for that setup...)

    OMV switched on automatically per wol when main PC is switched on...
    OMV switched off per autoshutdown if no IP traffic on main IP over 10 minutes...

  • Do yourself a favor and buy a card which can be flashed to IT mode and do not use a HW raid card.

    LSI 2008 based HBAs are cheap as well and are fully supported (ca. 40€)

    If you got help in the forum and want to give something back to the project click here (omv) or here (scroll down) (plugins) and write up your solution for others.

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