openmediavault-backup: fdisk command not found

  • Using OMV v6.0.9-5 with openmediavault-backup v6.0.2 (upgraded from OMV5 to OMV6 this week).

    openmediavault-backup settings:

    • Method = dd
    • Keep = 60

    Clicking the "Backup" button results in a "500 - Internal Server Error" with the following details:

    Method: dd
    Device file: /dev/sda1
    Root drive: /dev/sda
    /usr/sbin/omv-backup: line84: fdisk: command not found

    That is this line in the code.

    I can confirm 'fdisk' does not exist on my system and that the backups did work with OMV5.

    Is there a problem with my system? Should 'fdisk' still be present?

    Is this a bug with openmediavault-backup?

    NAS: Celeron G1840T | ASUS H87I-Plus | Samsung SSD 850Pro 256 GB | 5xWD40EFRX | OMV6

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    Added the Label OMV 6.x (RC1)
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    Added the Label resolved

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