How do you get your containers now that Docker-hub changed policy

  • Hi,

    I ll be careful, I just posted this and got banned!

    -> When I try to download a container using docker (portainer or CLI) I am refused access due to the changes in the way docker-hub operates.

    Can anyone let me know if they have found a way around that and/or signpost in the right direction,

    Many thanks,

    Steph :|

  • The limit is 100 images in a 6 hour period so, unless you are downloading the entire repo of dock hub, I don't see what issue would exist:

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    And you can double that pull limit if you create an account and use that account. If you are pulling more than 100 images every six hours on a regular basis, you are probably doing something wrong.

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  • Hi Both ,

    Thanks for the reply, most reassuring as most of my services are on containers these days,

    Have a great weekend,



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    That isn't why you got banned, you posted a BS link to some email survey.

    Edit: I see the issue now, it was some ridiculous pop up I was seeing for the article (which was still BS regardless.. it's always been that way for free accounts if I'm not mistaken)

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