Guest user able to write despite settings

  • I have moved a NTFS formatted HDD from a Windows PC to the one running OMV. I want to have a full access to this HDD from my Windows PC and other devices on LAN to have read access.

    I've done the following:

    1) Created a user in OMV with login/password matching that of a user on my Windows PC;

    2) Created a shared folder in OMV using default permission settings (Administrator read/write, User read/write, Others read-only);

    3) Set read/write privileges for intended user in that shared folder's Privileges menu. Note that i have other users in OMV for whom i did not set any privileges;

    3) Created a SMB/CIFS share for that shared folder with "Public" set to "Guests allowed";

    Good news is access from Windows PC appears to be working correctly. If i enable audit in share settings, i can see actions i perform are attributed to the matching user i created. However, when i access this share from my laptop using anonymous login, i still have write access. In the log, these actions are performed by a user 'nobody'. But as far as i know, this user is not in 'users' group therefore shouldn't have write access according to settings i described.

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