Raspberry Pi not visible in Windows network

  • Until recently I had my Pi 4 running Raspberry Pi OS lite 32-bit and Openmediavault 6.0. I have the Pi installed in a DeskPi Pro V2 case with 1TB M.2 SATA memory installed inside the case and a 2TB SSD mounted externally via USB 3.0. The setup is headless. It is connected to the router via ethernet.

    I was able to access the Pi via SSH (Putty), WinSCP, the OMV webpage and via the shared folder icons on the desktop.

    Everything worked correctly. I was able to map the shared folders on the Windows 11 computer an get icons for the folders on the desktop. I also had a Plex media server running successfully on the PI.

    I then decided to upgrade the OS to Raspberry OS Lite 64 -bit and then reinstall the software. Everything seemed to work flawlessly. and I can access the Pi via SSH (Putty) and via the OMV webpage..

    I believe that I set the system as before. I setup the shared folders initially with full access to everyone but I now find that the Pi and its shared folders are not visible in the Windows 11 File Manager, under Network. All other active devices on the network are visible to me on Windows 11 - nothing has changed!

    Also I cannot find the Pi in WinSCP

    Any ideas as to where I have gone wrong and how I can correct my mistakes?

  • I am ashamed to admit this - I can only put it down to my advanced years - I'm 83

    I forgot to enable SMB/CIFS and setup the shared folders.

    After correcting my mistake the folders can now be mapped as network drives.

    Sorry for the false alarm!!

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