The relative path of the folder to share (solved )

  • When I created my share folder I was asked to define a relative path of the folder to share.

    I made some attempt and test and now the share folder is full of other folders that I do not like and are not needed.

    Also there are some folders with the names of users that are no more in the system and need to be removed.

    If I remove them from explorer, the are coming back ...

    How can I do ?

    I tried to remove the share folder but when I redefine it (even if with another name) I again find inside these folders.

    And now I even cannot remove the share folder even if I remove any link or recall to the in any service.

    It would be nice to have a way to reser OMV to its original state after install.


    I found a solution alone: I SSH as root and

     rm -r -R -f /folder to delete

    so far they are now disappeared from Explorer.

    Edit: pay attention that in this way, somehow the folder permissions are messed up. so it is necessary to restore:

    Changing owner to root:users ...
    Change directory permissions to 2777 ...
    Change file permissions to 666 ...
  • miazza

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