System shut down due to thermal temperature

  • Hello, my server is a HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10.

    Until recently I had OMV4 installed on VMware ESXi, now I just installed OMV6 directly, without VMware or anything like that.

    I'm having problems with shutdowns due to temperature, this error appears when I boot after shutdown:

    "Warning: System was shut down due to thermal temperature condition has been set to failed at last boot".

    When I had OMV4 I never had this problem.

    Also I installed the openmediavault-cputemp plugin and it doesn't show the information, I guess it won't find the path defined in that application.

    Thank you for any help.

  • I wish I had it, it looks good.

    I finally got the temperature directly from lm-sensors.

    I am saving the history using Netdata in Docker.

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