I have a stupid question - changing mobos but nothing else

  • So, when you change your motherboard in a windows machine, you can't just throw it in and hope your OS drive is alright with it.

    But what about linux? I'm moving OMV to a new machine - but only in the sense that I am putting it in a new case, drives are all the same, CPU is the same - but its a new motherboard.

    Is it a case of just do it, or do I need to do something else. I know to use clonezilla when moving drives but that's not the intention at all. I presume I want to put mobo in, boot on a different drive so I can get the boot order correct but....actually I don't have a clue.

    Secondary to that, I have limited knowledge on uuids etc - can I plug Hard Drive 1 in to new mobo and OMV knows its the same one as before.

    I'm a total amateur I just follow guides and hope for the best.....

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