Permission Issues

  • Hi. I am new to OpenMediaVault and I am running into some issues. I got my SMB server to run just fine. However, I had to shut it off for a weekend. Now my computer can only view/read files and it won't let me make or add any new files or folders. I checked all the permissions I knew of and couldn't find anything. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting to the drive but that didn't work. I also tried restarting the server and that also didn't work. I am logged in as a user with a password but the user appears to have the proper permissions. My version is 6.0.27-1 (Shaitan). My kernel is Linux 5.15.32-v8+. I am running this on a Raspberry Pi 4 B. And finally, I use the Antivirus plugin and I have the FlashMemory and SSH services running as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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