Upgrade from OMV5 to OMV6 - Can't access OMV WebUI at any port, port 80, or port 443

  • As the subject states, after upgrading to OMV6 and applying the fixes recommended by others, I still cannot access OMV WebUI, port 80, and port 443. All my Docker ports work fine with one weird caveat -- they are sometimes inaccessible and I have to delete my Chrome history to be able to access them.

    Additionally, before I upgraded, I installed Cloudpanel, but swiftly uninstalled it and routed everything back the way it should be, or so I thought. I'm not 100% certain what broke the ability for the WebUI and port 80/443. I swear I've updated and reviewed so many configs in nginx and other things via extensive research on others who have seen similar in this forum and reddit. My router is still set to forward appropriately. I've even re-installed OMV and nginx, then reviewed the configs. I don't really want to do a fresh install if there's a simple fix here.

    I DO have a backup of the entire OMV file system but I don't know if I have a drive large enough to host the backup, then flash it.

    Any thoughts? Is there something simple that I might be missing here?

  • What have you already done to analyze the problem?

    - Does OMV react to a ping?

    - can you ssh to OMV?

    - do you have a firewal lenabled?

    - Are you using fauil2ban?

    - Is nginx running?

    - Are you usning name or ip to access the web UI?

    - What error message do you get from your browser?

    - Are you on the local network?

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