Crash Log - Deciphering

  • Morning All,

    This morning at around 10am i found my PC was off, Pushed the power button nothing happened unplugged and plugged it back in and it started up went away and came back and then SSH'd into but it took awhile to connect (SSH is normally instant this took about 1 minute) and then randomly disconnected but the PC was still on, so plugged in a monitor and keyboard everything was sluggish e.g. typing username and password, getting to the desktop seemed to lag. I rebooted the PC and then SSH'd in again same thing disconnected after being connected for a minute. i also tried to VNC into the machine that connection only lasts a minute both times. I then remembered that i had a Wi-Fi card on this PC so i looked up the IP address on the router and then SSH'd into the machine it stayed connected not sluggish, i managed to find a sys log to try and figure out what is wrong but i need some help deciphering it, i think its the network card but that doesn't explain why the PC turned off last night (we haven't had any power outages) now i haven't copied all the lines (8000 lines) just the ones from around when the machine went off

    I have tried the following

    • Disconnect Ethernet, Wi-Fi only - SSH fine no sluggishness, though when connect to PC physically keyboard and mouse sluggishness is there, VNC will not connect
    • Ethernet only - SSH only works for 1 minute, then disconnects (sometimes doesn't connect at all), keyboard and mouse it is still sluggish and VNC only connects for a minute

    Can someone help please?

    Normally if its in red it's bad!!!

    Machine 1 - Dell OptiPlex 790 - Core i5-2400 3.10GHz - 16GB RAM - OMV5

    Machine 2 - Raspberry PI4 - ARMv7 - 2GB - OMV5

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