Shared folder access problem

  • Hello,

    I installed OMV 5.6.13-1 and created a shared folder. I created a user to give him access. He's owner of the shared folder, but the access is impossible. I used before a previous version of OMV and doesn't have this problem.

    Here is configuration and rights :

    The smb.conf file :

    The access problem is from Windows and Mac OS, even if I had manually the login datas. Configuration has been made on the Web interface and not by cmdline. I can't find where is the problem.

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  • What error do you get?

    You have set guest ok = yes which means

    "If this parameter is yes for a service, then no password is required to connect to the service. Privileges will be those of the guest account."

    Your guest account is nobody.

    How are you mounting the share?

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  • The installation has been made on standby for few months due to work charge.

    When I try to open the shared folder, I have a right problem message.

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