OMV5 / Azuracast / Windscribe / Trying to deactive global VPN and just leave on one docker [built in]

  • Hey All,

    Looking for some pointers and/or guidance.

    I've installed via portainer/docker, qBittorrent, with my VPN details built into it (which works, and I've checked for leaking ip's)

    I have Azuracast, with stations, currently behind the VPN for their output external port (which is configured through my router also) which allows me to listen to my music in the car.

    I have a Satisfactory friend server, with 3 ports via VPN. [was not that bothered about the VPN, as it's friends]

    I decided to only have the docker with it's built in connection for qBittorrent, and tried to switch over OpenVPN.

    It didn't work, and I don't why, my DuckDNS updated to my home (no VPN) IP, but even with the ports open on the router, my Azuracast stopped working. Turn the VPN back on, Azuracast started working again.

    As I'm not 100% with linux, I figured I'd turn to here to ask some helpful people.

    The problem I have, there are three things in the mix here and I don't know were to turn too, is it a Linux thing, it is a OMV5 thing, is it a Azuracast thing. Before I totally borked it, I stopped and like I said, turned the VPN back on and left it as is.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction please, to help me deactivate the VPN as a whole on the OMV5 install, just leaving me the qBittorrent being connected via it's own way.

    Any more information I can provide, please let me know.

    I am up to date with all the versions of installed containers,, etc and my system is fully up to date.

    Thanks for your time.

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