Win11Pro can't connect to SMB/CIF Share

  • Long time user of v4. Love it. It never broke, so I never updated. Then one day, I put Win11Pro on the network and it couldn't access the share. It could ping OMV IP. And it could log into the OMV GUI. I figured it was just due to old version. So I created a new instance w/ v6. Win10Pro, Win8.1Pro, WS2016, WS2012R2, they all can access the shares; but Win11Pro still can not. It can still ping OMV IP and it can still log into the OMV GUI; but for the shares, it says it can't find it.

    As a test, I spun up a TrueNAS and everyone was able to connect to it's shares.

    Not sure if this is an issue w/ OMV or Win11.

    I'll keep looking around the forums and keep messing w/ stuff. But was wondering if anyone else ran into this issue.

  • Yes. I remember M$ started doing that w/ Win10-1809. So, I had enabled SMB 1.0/CIF for Client and Server (but not the Auto-remove) and unfortunately, no change.

  • Try this.

    If you make it idiot proof, somebody will build a better idiot.

  • Try this.

    8| whoa....that worked. what the heck.....WOW... 8)

    thank you, sir :bow:

  • chente

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  • I am not sure this is the best solution for security reasons but it at least gives a clue what is going on. The first thing I would check is the "workgroup" on both is the same.

    I gave up on windows before 10 so can't test. The way to test would be to revert the above setting. Then increase the samba log level. Try to connect and see what it says.

    If I remember truenas is based on bsd but I have not looked at it in a long time. Look at the smb.conf and see if there is something set that is not set in omv. Maybe something like client min protocol = SMB2?

    Let us know if you find anything.


    If you make it idiot proof, somebody will build a better idiot.

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