Large EXT4 Drive + 32Bit OS = Read Error 27

  • Posting this for those who come after me, as finding the answer to my problem was far more difficult than I expected, with lots of helpful suggestions from people who were speculating with troubleshooting advice, rather than knowing the answer, and many people ended up changing to a different solution entirely rather than fixing the problem.

    Put simply, the problem is that 32 bit OS will only work with drives size up to 16TB. When you try to create the file system you are given the very helpful message "Read Error 27 - Weird Stuff May Happen". The solution was to rebuild to a 64 bit OS.

    If one person finds this and it helps them, then my work here is done. :)

    Raspbery Pi 4
    OMV 5
    Seagate IronPort 20TB drive.

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