smb server not showing when scanning

  • Just out of curiosity, are there any cons on enabling netbios? I think tikha has a point that currently it can be pretty difficult to figure out it has to be enabled and how to do it, especially for noobs. Don’t you often say you want things to work out of the box as possible for them?

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    This design decision has been done to lower the frustration of the user

    I my case it increases frustration. Every time I save, I immediately apply because I am not an expert in openmediavault and I take it one step at the time.

    Most likely everybody else that is new like me is doing the same. My system runs an intel processor with nvme ssd and the response time from system is the same to either save or apply.

    If there would have been an option to disable the apply (automatically deploy after each save) that will have been the first setting I would have made.

    If you really like to be a step forward on this then you should remove the save button (every field is saved automatically when checked or when changed)


    It will allow the user to rethink his action.

    Selecting a checkbox does not allow the user to rethink but it increases frustration (especially when you do a system reboot and you want it done as fast as possible)


    How shall OMV know that?

    A widget like SMART prevents the HDDs from spinning down then that should be clearly mentioned while using it somehow because this is important.


    The widgets don't know what content is displayed, they are generic.

    The widgets should not provide essential information. All essential info should be built-in into dashboard by default.

    You have to put in the situation of user: Nobody wants an empty dashboard, they all go and add all those widgets. If they all do that why not make the essential info built-in by default. It is a win-win since you have full control of the design and you make it look right.

    Like I said before: (I recommend to split the dashboard in two and put on top fixed relevant text and on bottom space for optional widgets)


    There is a widget that is using a grid instead of the datatable.

    ipv6 should be taken out from grid also. Link speed is more important now that we have 100M, 1G, 2.5G, 10G and that can fluctuate based on cable.


    Reducing the font size of the widget title has been done

    Just reducing the size of title without emphasizing it somehow will make it worst for readability


    And you think that adding a NetBIOS checkbox will help in that case? You are contradicting yourself right now.

    I had no ideea what NetBIOS is but if there was a checkbox for it that will have helped me allot. I had to do things minion way, checking and writing all kind of stuf in that option box until I found out that NetBIOS does not have a name. then write more stuf in that option box to give it a name and nothing helped then I give up but not before I throw some bad words to the devs... just kidding'

  • Most likely everybody else that is new like me is doing the same.

    It is a typical mistake to conclude from oneself to everybody. When I started with OMV, I also had never seen anything like it and still never had any problems with it. The many confirmations with OMV6 also bothered me. But here votdev has already relented and scaled it back.

    When I started I was having a hard time to get the difference between sharedfolder privileges and filesystem permissions / acl. Still I would not say it is a problem everyone has. However, votdev has recognized this potential lack of information for many users and added a info box to tell them. Despite being against explaining things outside of docs initially. You certainly can't accuse him of not accepting criticism, even if he's against something at first. I assume if enough users have problems with disabled Netbios, he will come up with something. Currently, support requests doesn't seem to indicate it.

    The rest of your criticism, e.g. of the dashboard widgets, is personal preference. You don't like the current implementation. I don't get it but thats ok. You can decide for yourself if it is so bad for you that you would rather use another operating system.

  • Quote

    The rest of your criticism,

    This is not criticism. When you criticize you DON'T offer a solution. I don't see a point to waste my time to criticize a free OS.

    All I said was to point what I think it will improve the readability of dashboard network widget.

    Like I said if I don't see positive feedback I will stop. And I did. Not even one word about other widgets.

    I am a dev myself. I know how important is to have good detailed feedback on important aspects. From 5 milion users only under 10 did that...amazing!

  • If you like the word so much maybe you heard of constructive criticism?

    I wonder if you are capable of doing it because what you do to me personally is negative criticism.

  • one more vote for a checkbox that enables netbios

    it was the only thing that made omv show up in network

    use putty to fire these commands, the last 2 takes the longest to comlete

    omv-env set -- OMV_SAMBA_NMBD_ENABLE TRUE

    monit restart omv-engined

    omv-salt stage run prepare

    omv-salt stage run deploy

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