New OMV install with 4TB HHD from WDMyCloud. [SOLVED]

  • Hi,

    I'm new to OMV, I had it initially setup on a 1TB Hitachi HDD, but not fully up and running when I decided to scavenge the HDD from my unsupported out of warranty Western Digital MyCould NAS. As far as I can tell, the OMV install is not producing any errors, the more I'm digging into this, I think it's due to the recycling of the WD Red 4TB NAS drive and trying to install OMV on that drive.

    Once I removed the HHD from the MyCloud enclosure, using GParted, I deleted all partitions and re-partitioned to one ext4 partition. Then I installed OMV 6 from a USB thumb drive. When the install was completed, I rebooted the machine Lenovo 64bit Intel 3Ghz CPU.

    when it's coming out of BIOS I get

    error: file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found.

    grub rescue>

    Like I stated above, I don't think this is an OMV issue, I think it's more "basic" than that and I'm going after grub problems and solutions. So far I haven't found one yet.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    I did another install, but instead of from a USB, I burned the .iso to a DVD. This gets a little further. I now get the typical boot splash screen, followed by the errors above.

  • I ran GParted Live and poked around. The boot flags were set to "boot". I changed that to eif_boot(I think that was the flag) and rebooted. Boot and access to OMV now "appears" to be working.

    I'm marking this issue [SOLVED] for now since I think I've found the solution [hopefully, ha].

  • ramack

    Changed the title of the thread from “New OMV install with 4TB HHD from WDMyCloud.” to “New OMV install with 4TB HHD from WDMyCloud. [SOLVED]”.

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