Google photos Sync one way

  • Hi All, just a quick question. Is there a docker app that's able to sync Google photos and videos down and then delete them off from the cloud to maintain the cloud storage?

    I think either Synology or QNAP has such plugin, just wondering if this is possible on OMV? Thanks

  • The Google Photos API does not allow to delete photos on the cloud, so no I don't think there's a third party tool that can do it.

    Am I understanding correctly that you don't want to keep your photos on Google Photos? Instead of using it as a bridge, I think you should find a way to sync the photos directly from your phone to OMV.

  • I don't know any of docker apps that offer a seamless Google Photos sync in both directions.

    As a possible solution, look into rclone. Still, there are several limitations so read the documentation carefully and consider another way to do what you're trying to do.

  • I use the "Total Commander" and the "LAN-Plugin". The Total Commander can connect to a Samba-Share and you can send the fotos to your NAS.

    And I use SMBSync2, with this programm you can automatically send the fotos to a samba-share as a backup.

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