OMV 6 segmentation fault & error executing APT throwing a systemd error on HP GEN8

  • Hi all!

    Happy OMV4 user since years, I decided myself yesterday to move from HPGEN8 SSD OMV4 to OMV6.

    So I started a new installation from scratch using a new SSD disk.

    First installation: OK but when upgrading from frontend, having 500 internal server error and a segmentation fault. Using the console I tried to clean apt, to force reload, etc with no luck.

    I then decided to reinstall from scratch the OMV 6. Then I decided try again. Same problem.

    When trying to launch: apt-get update I receive the following

    Any idea please???

    I tried to purge using info on this thread (…lt-core-dumped-in-ubuntu/) but no luck.

    Any tips?? I'm starting from a new installation so I'm really disapointed!!

    Thanks guyz!

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  • OK, I tried to launch a: suydo apt-get install -f

    problem remains the same..... :(

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  • I found on my server console a huge quantity of error messages

    found this: DMAR: ERROR: DMA PTE for vPFN 0x7bf32 already set

    ok, searched a lot on internet...

    It sounds the problem is coming from HP GEN 8 and other HP stuff.... info here:

    But my question: how to solve????? IS there anybody here using OMV 6 on HP GEN8 MicroServer ??

    Do I need to take an older release of OMV 6?

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