RAID clean,degraded and the first hd is now as "spare" one...

  • On md0 I don't have enough space. The md0 has 2 WD RED 3tb, and the md1 has 2 WD RED 1tb.

    I'll try tomorrow the solution and let you know. Thanks.

  • OK, so:

    root@nas:~# mdadm --fail /dev/md1 /dev/sdc
    mdadm: set /dev/sdc faulty in /dev/md1
    root@nas:~# mdadm --remove /dev/md1 /dev/sdc
    mdadm: hot removed /dev/sdc from /dev/md1

    Then I wipe it out with OMV (in Storage, Disks).

    Then I gave the add command and:

    root@nas:~# mdadm --add /dev/sdc /dev/md1
    mdadm: /dev/sdc does not appear to be an md device


  • NEWS: I used OMV to "repair" the array, and it proposed me to add the sdc disk and so now it added it and it is recovering... waiting for new news.

  • And here are the news (I'm still laughing):

    So, I'm at the start point!

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    mdadm --add /dev/sdc /dev/md1

    That's the wrong way round :) remember post 5

    So, I'm at the start point!

    Yes but no, the problem was with the wipe, I bet you chose quick/short, if you did the you'll have to do this again

    Fail and remove the drive from the array, then do a secure wipe, this will take some time, then rather than from the cli, from the WebUI -> Raid Management, select the array and then recover a dialog should display with the secure wiped drive, select it and click OK

  • Yes you have the reason. I made in that way... short way. I'll do as you wrote now. Just a moment.


    18.06.... 3%... how long will it take for 1tb? For sure I will have to stop it. Is it safe to stop it?


    18.21 I stopped it and redo all as the last time, I cannot go on with this loooooong wipe (67 hours remaining...). I will go on on the next weekend.

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    Try adding the drive anyway even though you stopped it, another user did this after only 1% and it worked, no idea why.

    I cannot go on with this loooooong wipe (67 hours remaining...)

    8| what's powering it a mouse in a wheel, that's ridiculous for a 1TB drive

  • My mouse was tyred also... so I stopped and add the drive, nothing changed: it's as spare.

    I'm looking for new drives. Or maybe I will change the others of other array into 4tb and so I'll cancel the array md1.


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