Whats the OMV way of replacing a failing mirrored hard drive ?

  • Hey guys, getting messages through OMV that one of my drives in a RAID10 (4 drive set) is having unrecoverable errors. I am going to the place tomorrow and will be taking a replacement drive with me - what is the OMV method for doing this ?

    In raw linux i would from the command line - fail the drive out of array (firstly noting the serial number), power down the box - then do the physical changeover and from the commandine, add a partition using gdisk - which i would copy from another drive in the set to get the correct layout, then use mdadm to add the drive back into the raid set.

    Whats the OMV way to do this through the GUI ?


  • Just as a follow up to this - does not seem to be anyway to do this through the GUI - as typically a failed arrary will not even mount so i did it all through the CLI.

    Login as root at the CLI


    cat /proc/mdstat

    This should list your arrays and which ones are active - typically it will be inactive if it has a failed drive.

    Note if the drive has failed which one it is which is listed iin the array description

    Check the reports you have from OMV that will list the serial number of the drive that has failed (or is failing)


    hdparm -I /dev/sd* - this will list all the drives that system sees - scroll through and look for the Serial # in question and which drive it is - if it has totally failed - it will not be listed.

    Power down the box - sort through the drives (physically) until you find the correct one - remove it and replace with new drive - i very highly recommend that this is ablank drive - do not leave partitions on there from other systems/OSs - note down the serial # of this drive

    Bring the box back up and once it boots - run the hdparm command above to identify what letter your new drive has been given

    use the cat/proc/mdstat command again to see if the array is active.

    If not make it active

    Then add the new drive to the array

    As the OMV way of putting drives into a MDADM array is to use the whole drive with no partitioning this should work fine and start syncing straight away - you may have issues if drive sizes are different - not sure why OMV insists on full drives rather than partitioning

    You can monitor the progress every now and then by looking at the cat/proc/mdstat device

    Once it is finished i would recommend a reboot so all drives and shares etc are initialised correctly


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