NFS issues lately -- help please

  • hi all,

    i have an R720 running Proxmox. 2 VMs run on this host: openmediavault and 'docker' (just headless debian i run docker thru). my raid controller is in IT mode so my disks are all in pass-thru to openmediavault, and OMV has an NFS server that the docker VM mounts with autoFS. specifically this is what I use to mount the nfs share:

    nfs1		-fstype=nfs,rw,hard,intr

    i have been running this setup for over a year with no issues. however, lately, the docker VM will cause the openmediavault VM to completely lock up and CPU usage will go sky high. if i force stop docker VM, the OMV VM will become usable again. The only relation these 2 VMs have is with the mounting of the NFS share so I assume that is what is causing this issue but I have no idea why.

    i did recently change over my entire router setup to an active/passive setup of OPNsense rather than the edgerouter X I'd been running, so I've been working on the network alot but everything has been up and running for over a week now with no issues besides this. from other VMs i can mount the same NFS share with no issues at all. and even from within the docker VM i can sometimes successfully mount the share, but after some period of time the CPU lock will evenutally make it thru to the openmediavault VM.

    anyways, sorry for the long post but i am really not sure where to look to solve this problem. only thing i can think is while i was messing with the network alot recently, somehow the NFS client/server relationship was corrupted between OMV and the docker VM? could it be just some specific files that were corrupted and continuing to cause problems?

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