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    I made a NAS DIY with 1 SSD for the OMV 6 system and 5 HDD Seagate IronWolf 2To

    I created a pool Raid5 with the 5 HDD

    But, since 1 week, I have an error message from the SMART information.

    There is 1 HDD with default

    I would like to remove this HDD and to replace it by a new one.

    Is it possible ? and can you give me the protocol to do that.


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    Is it possible

    Yes, but there are 2 things to ensure, 1) when removing a drive from the array using the GUI make sure it's the correct one 2) when you shut down and remove the drive, again ensure it's the correct one.

    Raid Management -> select the array and select Remove (- icon), it will list the drives in the array, select the drive to be removed and click save, the drive will be failed and removed from the array. The array should then be display as clean/degraded.

    Shut down the server remove the drive and install the new one, restart the server.

    Storage Disks -> select the new drive and click wipe (rubber icon) quick should be enough when finished ->

    Raid Management -> select the array and click Recover (+ icon) select the new drive and click save the array should now rebuild

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    OMV 6x amd64 running on an HP N54L Microserver

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