Quota limit setup on shared folder

  • Hi all!

    I’m new to OMV 6 (used 5 in the past). I have a learning curve it appears.

    I need some help setting a quota limit on a shared folder. I assume I’d have to set this limit per user as before, however I can not find this setup option anywhere!

    Was this feature removed or replaced? Anyone have helpful insight to set this up?

    Thanks all in advance!

  • Nevermind! This is resolved, I made a rookie mistake. Quota doesn’t appear to be an option for BTRFS.

    Not entirely true:



    Quota support in BTRFS is implemented at a subvolume level by the use of quota groups or qgroup.

    Maybe not what you want to do but there is a good amount of info on how to set quotas on BTRFS:

    Google is your friend

    If you want to set quota on an individual level (aka user), you need to do it via individual shares:



    No, Btrfs doesn't support user quota, It supports directory quota. So you can add quota for each user directory, but if you have shared directory with multiple users/groups then you can't set/count space for every user separately.

    So you can't limit userX to be able to put 1MB of files in /home/shared and another userY to be able to put 10MB of files in the same /home/shared folder. But you can set different limits for /home/userX and /home/userY.

    This is not user quota, but sub-volume quota. You can put multiple sub-volumes in single limit (for example user have /home/userX/ and /backups/userX/ then both can be under single limit.

    Since I don't use quotas on my FS, this is the limit of what I can help.

    Good luck.

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