Possible to stop Raid 5 expansion

  • My original setup was raid 5 (3x8TB, there are approx 10TB of data). And today I tried to expand the raid to 4x8TB. Now the array is read/writeable but very slow(about 10 mb/s). The expansion process is gonna take about 15 days. So now I wanna stop it and just copy all data out and do a full rebuild. please help.

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  • Ok, to whoever maybe encounter this problem again.

    There is no actual way to stop the reshaping process. But you can speed it up by booting to the ubuntu server (or maybe the system rescue ISO that I can't find).

    In my case, reshaping speed up from 7000/k to 50000/k, and time was reduced from 15 days to about 1.5

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  • system rescue web site for butning to disc or usb


    the one you say you can't find is probably the one the is available to install as a bootable option after you install OMV-Extras. Have you installed OMV-Extras?

    Oh, no wonder I can't find it. I thought it is a standalone ISO that omv provides. I was so confused. lol

    Hey, thank you for the answer!

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