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  • I have SMB shared folders setup and use a Mac to access my OMV install. I had a bunch of folders which I added folder tags to (File > Add). After adding the tags, the files inside of the folders disappeared. Are they permanently deleted? Any help would be much appreciated as I potentially lost a TON of work. Thank you


  • Mac handles files completely different than windows and linux in that it creates hidden files (fork files if my recollection on the name is right) that are used to store those things like tags. Once again if i remember correctly, these files have the same name as the original, but start with a dot/period followed by the file name. Linux interperets these files with a dot as hidden files and may be getting “confused” there are now 2 files with the same name but one is hidden.

    If you ssh into your system and do an ls -a on the folder it should show you all files including the dotted ones to confirm if everything is still there.

    I don’t have a mac at home to check this with, but i can check tomorrow at the office to confirm.

    Apple has also deviated in their implementation of samba and as such there are some options that have been added to make regular samba more mac friendly. You may have to implement some of these to avoid future issues.

    See here.…Work_Better_with_Mac_OS_X

  • Thank you for looking into it. I did turn hidden files on but didn't see them.

    However, I figured it out! When you add folder tags it changes your folder permissions from Read / Write to Custom. Changing it back to Read / Write made the files show back up. And saved me a heart attack!

    Thanks for the help.

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