RAID 1 - replace 1off HDD due to SMART Failures

  • Morning All,

    I hope you are doing well. I have been using OMV for quite a while now. A colleague kinda talked me through the installation process. I am an absolute newbie in terms of UBUNTU/UNIX, Terminal and Shell lines. However, i am doing my best to learn. OMV makes it a little bit easier as many functions (e.g. RAID Management) are already on board. Thanks to the GUI they are quite easy to handle.

    The system is now running since three maybe four years. There are three drives installed:

    1. SSD - on which OMV runs

    2. 10TB HDD #1

    3. 10TB HDD #2

    Both HDDs are running in RAID 1 Mode. However, since last week HDD#1 keeps gaining bad sectors. To prevent data loss and also to learn how to do it, i require some help as i want to replace the "bad" HDD.

    I would love to do it with the OMV GUI. By now i have read a lot about mdadm, however this might require too much shell knowledge which currently not have yet.

    Could someone please be so kind and list the necessary steps to :

    1. remove the 'bad' hdd from the software raid 1

    2. prepare the new hdd (will be the same model and make - HGST 10TB Data Centre Storage)

    3. Incorporate the new hdd to the system

    4. restore software raid 1 on the new hdd (i would basically expect the system to just copy all the data until they are both synced)

    I have used the search function of this forum - i stopped after page 9 as most of the problems seem to be with RAID5...

    Many thanks in advance


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    TBH a Raid1 volume with 10TB drives is not a good idea single drive usage, one for data and the other for backup would be a better solution, but here's how to replace that drive.

    OMV5 is EOL (end of life) means there is no more support and no more updates you should upgrade to OMV6

    1) Raid Management -> select the raid and on the menu click remove, from the dialog box select the drive to be removed and click OK the drive will be removed from the array and the array will show as clean/degraded.

    2) Shut down our server and remove the drive you have just failed, install the new drive and restart your server

    3) Storage -> Disks select the new drive and click wipe on the menu, short should be fine

    4) When the wipe is complete -> Raid Management -> select the raid and click recover on the menu, from the dialog box select the new drive and click OK, the array will now rebuild/resync

    Due to the drives sizes the rebuild will take a long time

    Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?

    OMV 6x amd64 running on an HP N54L Microserver

  • Hi Geaves.

    May I know if using the RAID 1 of ZFS, how can I replace the failure HDD ?

    I tried to shut down the OMV6 server and replaced a new HDD.

    However, while I performed the "zpools replace" command, it does not allow to replace the "old HDD" which had been removed before. Then, I used the "zpools remove" command to remove the "old HDD". The Raid 1 mirror was lost.


  • Have a look here so to replace a drive you probably need to offline the drive first, remove it, insert the new drive then use the replace option

    Hi Geaves,

    Thank you for your share. :)

    I will try the steps by using your posted link again.

    Besides, is it to recommend set the autoreplace option of ZFS to "On" ?

    Thanks !

  • Hi Geaves,

    sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to say "Thank You!"

    I ordered a new drive, which took almost a week to get here. Then i got familiar with burning-in of HDDs. So i did a short SMART Test, Bad Block Testing and a long SMART Test. Over all this took another week - due to the drives size.

    I just replaced the suspect HDD and currently the RAID1 is recovering. This will take roughly 13hrs.

    Concerning the Back Up Strategy: the RAID1 is not my back-up. It is just for redundance of data and drive failure. However, my data is backed up to an external server (from a colleague) via duplicati once a day.

    Many thanks once more!

    Have a wonderful christmas time and a happy new year.


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