Can't sync after replacing HDD

  • I recently changed the disk and restored all files from parity drive. But in the process I made a mistake and deleted the snapraid file. Now I can't run anymore snapraid tools to finish the recovery process.

    Now I copied the snapraid.content file from another HDD to the new disk(Error lIne 14). The old HDD I changed is still present in the file system and referenced. Probably due to the shares still pointing to the old HDD. I don't want to make to many changes before knowing what exactly to do.

    According the the OMV Guide i should do a sync after the files are recovered with fix command. Not possible because of error.

    Changing the shares is the step after the sync. This is like a loop. The sync not running because of the missing disk. And can't unmount the disk because it is referenced.

    Maybe I should just proceed and point the shares to the new HDD? But the guide says after recovering the files sync is immediate.

    OMV 6 on ASRock J4125B ITX w/2X8 GB G-Skill|256 GB SSD Samsung Evo|50 TB HDD Space|Be quiet! Pure Power 400W

    Fractal Define R5 Titanium

    KODI on RPi 3b

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