Solved: How can the samba share name shown on clients be changed. SMB/CIFS share name.

  • If you are bothered how your omv samba shares look like on your clients (share name that I see on my Mac is "NAS - SMB/CIFS") and dont like names with spaces and slash like Name - SMB/CIFS, it can be easily fixed. This solution works on OMV 6. It needs only very minimal terminal skills. Takes 2 minutes.

    Using ssh or wetty, as a root on your NAS, do the following. Change your path

    root@omv:~# cd /srv/salt/omv/deploy/avahi/services/

    then back up old samba setting for avahi (zeroconf network announcer)

    root@omv:/srv/salt/omv/deploy/avahi/services# cp smb.sls smb.sls.old

    then edit it using vi (or nano editor)

    root@omv:/srv/salt/omv/deploy/avahi/services# nano smb.sls

    about 20 lines down, change the self explanatory highlighted part between ' and ' to whatever you please. %h is probably a hostname,


    do Ctrl+O and CTRL+X to save, I have removed "/CIFS" part of the string...and saved my modified file.

    Then you enable and disable SMB/CIFS under services menu in your omv web UI, to deploy your changes.

    After that, your shares will look like this below:


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