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  • Hi,

    here some phrases, that come up in English, although logged on in German....

    Do you really want to revert the configuration changes?
    Please translate to DE with this:
    Möchten Sie die Änderung der Konfiguration wirklich rückgängig machen?

    Scheduled Jobs
    Please translate to DE with this:
    Eingeplante Jobs

    File Systems
    Please translate to DE with this:

    Please translate to DE with this:

    Furthermore, where ever you start a german question with "Wollen Sie" should be replaced by "Möchten Sie"

    Regards, hl

    OMV 2.1
    Fujitsu-Siemens P5915 (Motherboard D2151-A21), Intel C2D E6600, 4,0 GB DDR RAM, 3Ware RAID controller on PCI slot, up to 6 HDDs in total can be installed due to case changes (currently 2x1tb in RAID1 mode on the board as "holy backup" share & 2x1tb as regular share on 3Ware, one 2tb as storage for two easyVDRs & one 320gb for OMV and ownCloud share), power consumption about 100 Watts (this is OK for that setup...)

    OMV switched on automatically per wol when main PC is switched on...
    OMV switched off per autoshutdown if no IP traffic on main IP over 10 minutes...

  • Ich weiß nicht, ob ich "Dashboard" mit "Cockpit" übersetzen würde, eher "Übersicht", oder (wortgenau) "Instrumententafel". Dashboard kann man aber IMO auch lassen.

  • Auch wenn ich selbst nicht auf die deutsche Übersetzung angewiesen bin, bzw. diese nicht verwende stimme ich der Verwendung von "Dashboard" auch in der deutschen Übersetzung zu. Cockpit ist einfach nur zum Augen verdrehen...


    "Well... lately this forum has become support for everything except omv" [...] "And is like someone is banning Google from their browsers"

    Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

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    Absolutely no Support via PM!

  • Here is a cockpit:

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