no IPv6 via DHCP on networkbound

  • Hi there,

    im running OMV 6.3.4-1 on Linunx 6.0.0-0.deb11.6

    Everything runs fine except one little thing (which happens very seldom, but if so its annoyig.)

    I have 2 networkcards in a bond 802.3ad at a unifi switch

    IPv4 address is static. this is wanted and works perfectly.

    IPv6 address is static atm as well, but this is not wanted. But if i change this to DHCP the nas does not receive any IPv6 address at all.

    My internetprovider is german fiber (deutsche glasfaser) and IPv6 works with SLAAC there.

    The problem is, that an static IPv6 only works until the provider changes the Lanprefix. This happens very very seldom, but if so the machine is no longer reachable from the internet and therefore all services on it also arent reachable.

    Interesting fact: there is a KVM machine runinng the nas with static IPv4 and IPv6 via DHCP which works fine.

    Any suggestions how to solve this ?


  • i do not get that answer/link

    my nas itself does not get any IPv6.

    how shall i publish a non existing value and how should this solve my problem?

    any suggestions ?

    it really should be possible to get an ipv6 via dhcp, shouldnt it ?

    thats it ?

    someone asks a question (how to retrieve an ipv6-adress via dhcp)

    some moderator anserwers somethng totally unrelated (how to announvne an ipv6, which i never retrieved before ....)

    and then the topic becomes irgnored ?

    great help, thanks

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