Boot From Specific USB Drive - GRUB

  • Hi OMV forum,

    I am booting the OS from a usb drive and I am having issues with my NAS stalling at boot during a restart if other usb devices are plugged in. If I unplug the other devices, it boots fine.

    I believe grub is the issue as it stalls on the grub screen. I have the bios set to prioritize usb drives (although the hardware is so old I can not specify any further to select a specific drive). I looked around online and found a couple resources about setting the root drive in grub, but I am unsure exactly what to do for my setup as it appears it could be different for each.

    Anyone have any thoughts or run into this problem as well? It is a little frustrating as I have to unplug my backup drives every time I want to restart the server.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts/help!

  • keeks12

    Changed the title of the thread from “Boot Off Specific USB Drive” to “Boot From Specific USB Drive - GRUB”.
  • hmm thanks macom I have tried that but still getting issues with GRUB hanging on reboot when other usb devices plugged in.

    I did a little more searching and found that I might need to alter the /etc/default/grub file and add lines for GRUB_DEVICE_UUID= & GRUB_DEVICE=...although before I go about doing that....does something like that make sense to do?

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