Setting up 1st docker app

  • Hi,

    I am trying to set up my 1st docker app and the set up guide asks for UMASK (for created files), PUID (uid for user), PGID (gid for user).

    I have no idea what to put for any of these and can't find much information on them.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    and the set up guide asks for UMASK (for created files), PUID (uid for user), PGID (gid for user).

    What guide are you talking about?

    id [username]

    to know the id of the user (replace [username] with the real one)

  • As chente said, from the command line, if you issue the id [username] command, it will give you back the uid and gid of that user.

    Using those numbers in the PUID and GUID of docker makes docker operate as that user so there are no file access issues.

    The first user created in OMV gets the id of 1000, and group of 100, the next is 1001/100, then 1002/100, etc.

    The UMASK is essentially a number mask that is subtracted from the linux full control octal permissions to specify the read write execute permissions of the files. for example, in the linux octal permissions of 777, each number represents the rights for the owner, the group, and others, with 7 meaning read/write/execute.

    If, for example, you want the owner to have full access, the group to have read/write, and others to have read only, you would need an octal permission of 764, so applying a UMASK of 013 (7-0=7, 7-1=6, 7-3=4) results in that. The most common, and often default, UMASK to use is 002.

    calculating the octal permissions can be done here:

    Chmod Calculator | Chmod Generator | Chmod Command

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    it would probably help if you showed folks what container you were trying to setup and what you have so far... I'm assuming it's probably a linuxserver container, those are *usually* pretty straightforward

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