Support a chain of luks encrypted disk blocks

  • Hi, for some specific type of data I use a triple chain of encryption (perhaps it's an overhead, but anyway):

    # input 3 passwords
    # map_luks - it's "expect" script
    map_luks /dev/mapper/vg01-secure crypt-secure-2 $pass1 1> /dev/null
    map_luks /dev/mapper/crypt-secure-2 crypt-secure-1 $pass2 1> /dev/null
    map_luks /dev/mapper/crypt-secure-1 crypt-secure $pass3 1> /dev/null

    Would it be possible to support a similar behaviour in next crypt plugin releases?

    Or how can trigger plugin from command line so I can build my own automation on top of it?

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